Planetside 2 Patch Speeds Up Performance

Planetside 2 players may be kicking their heels, because Sony Online Entertainment has released a big performance update, which intends to speed up the game’s overall gameplay and make it perform on better gaming rigs and systems.

This Performance Update 01 comes with a rather large list of tweaks and changes, including numerous optimisations and some extra functionalities to better improve your play when in Planetside 2.

The General sub-section of Performance is detailed below, which is just a very brief read for you to get acquainted with before you travel back to Indar. The rest of the list details various changes to the UI, animation, sound, visual effects, etc. You can have a full read of the changes here!

●Refactored game rendering to better utilize multiple CPU cores. The same has been done for UI rendering.

●Optimized the CPU cost of some purely aesthetic physics objects

●Added adaptive complexity levels for physics simulations based on current client performance

●Disabled redundant physics processing between remotely-simulated vehicles

●Improved simulations between complex compound shapes, primarily vehicles

●Sound emitter optimization

●Numerous optimizations have been done to remote character processing to reduce the cost of per-player processing.

●We found that players getting in and out of vehicles was causing some performance issues. This has been addressed and is working as expected, now.

●Audio asset clean-up

●Added a frame rate smoothing option. (This is on by default and trust us, you probably want this. It will make your frame rate smoother and reduce spikes. Your FPS counter will show as lower overall, but that’s not a bad thing.)

●Adjusted the default graphics settings. (If you push Reset to Default, it will set the graphics settings appropriate for your system.)

Perhaps now my laptop may be able to run Planetside 2 without me having to crack open a few eggs to make do with all the excess heat, but that would be wishful thinking of me. By the by, Planetside 2 will also be a PS4 launch window title!

Source: Planetside 2 forums.

11/13/2013 09:20AM


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