Man Smashes PS4

New consoles are coming out and the crazies come out with them. This video, entitled “INSANE MAN SHASHES PS4 @ LAUNCH” shows…. just that. Someone outside of a Best Buy in Montreal took a PS4, ripped it open, slammed it on the ground, and stomped it to pieces.

In fact, you can see plenty of other videos just like this all over YouTube. Why would someone go out of their way to destroy something other people want so much?

Well last year, a couple of people who were smashing PS3s and Wiis came forward to say that what they did was a statement. Basically, it was making light of the amount of time and money people spend just to be one of the first people to receive a new console. It’s a sort of violent Buddhist protest against the desire we put on material goods. You can even hear the man shout “pathetic” in this video.

But then again, it’s kind of hypocritical in its very nature. After all, people’s time and money are theirs to spend as they like. Not to mention, you have to spend the exact same amount of time and money as everyone else just to make your point. Not only that, but your point has LESS value than the PS4 when you think about it. It involves spending 400 dollars just for a wanton act of destruction. If you really think the PS4 isn’t worth your time or money, then donate that 400 dollars to charity. That could feed an entire family for a month, or more! That’s obviously a better way to spend it than the PS4. But these smashers went out of their way to give Sony their money, just so that they could laugh in the face of Sony fans. That's 400 dollars down the toilet.

Speaking of laughing at Sony fans, not everyone is making videos like this to make a statement. Many others are doing it just to see the reaction of the crowd. But honestly, we are all kind of jaded to this sort of stuff at this point. No one in the line really reacts. One person even starts cheering. One fan steps out of line to pick up the PS4’s disc drive or harddrive, which is pretty intelligent. After all, it might be salvageable, and at the very least, it’s an interesting discussion piece that you can keep on your coffee table. No one cared that this man smashed a PS4. After all, they were going to get their PS4 anyway, or at least you would assume they would if they were so close to the front of the line. Maybe it would have pissed off some of the back liners more. Besides, if anyone didn’t get their PS4 in the store, they could literally go home and order it online from lesser known venues like Micro Center or something.

Long story short, the age of console scarcity is kind of over and done with. We aren’t foaming at the mouth to pick up next-gen consoles, and we similarly just don’t give a shit about people who go around destroying consoles in front of us. The only thing this guy really managed to do was make an ass out of himself on camera… which is amusing, but keep your day job guy. Johnny Knoxville you are not!

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 11/15/2013

11/15/2013 09:40PM


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