Nintendo Celebrates Latest 3DS Milestone

According to a press release from yesterday, Nintendo has marked its sixth consecutive month of very profitable sales run for the 3DS family, thanks in part to the recent release of Pokémon X and Y. Which makes sense to me, because I made the assumption back in the day that the 3DS-which I remember was having pretty lackluster sales back then--would sell more once a Pokémon game for the platform launched. I remember thinking that whilst browsing through an now defunct Gamestation store.

X and Y’s launch in October doubled the amount of sales for the 3DS (even though “September had an additional reporting week compared to October,” whatever that means), and this surge in sales hit a milestone for the most units of any portable gaming device or console sold in a single month of this year! Then again, the PS4 wasn’t around yesterday, so maybe the facts may change once the sales report for the PS4 is released, but even with that the 3DS milestone will still cover the most sales of portable devices in a month.

Both X and Y were the top two best-selling titles (presumably just for the 3DS) last month, with more than 1.7 million units sold between the two, making their October launch the biggest month for 3DS software this year. In total, Nintendo first-party software sales have hit over 2 million units, the highest since the 3DS’s December 2011 report, which included sales of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

However, all these numbers are relevant to the amount of hardware and software sold within the US and are subject to Nintendo’s internal sales figures. Sales numbers elsewhere were not detailed.

Have you been able to catch ‘em all? I certainly have, and that’s a fact I hold proud. Well, assuming you don’t count sixth generation, of which I still need to catch. Fancy reading up on Pokémon X and Y? check out its review!

Source: Press Release.

11/16/2013 04:15AM


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