League of Legends Preseason Changes Detailed
League of Legends

Brace yourself; change is coming! Supports and Junglers alike--if you aren’t already in the know, then this video should give you a brief overview of what changes are coming to League of Legends in the near future!

The preseason changes are said to affect the core gameplay experience in the Summoner’s Rift mode of League of Legends, as well as making things easier for the Support and Jungler roles of the team.

For Supports, these changes help broaden the responsibilities of supporting the team, such as warding (setting up sentry posts that allow a perimeter of an area to be visible wherever it’s placed). To do this, new items known as “Trinkets” will be added to the store in Summoner’s Rift, which are essentially free wards--with different situational uses--that every team member can utilize. 

Along with other things for the Support roles, Junglers will be getting an additional monster camp to each side of the map, providing more paths and opportunities to jungle outside of Lanes. Along with that, they will be getting new items that’ll allow them to customize their build to better match their playstyle.

Amongst additional things for the Jungler role, the Summoner’s Rift map will also be getting a tune-up, specifically trimming up the brush to better make use of ward placements and eliminate awkward fog-of-war issues.

In my brief 15 levels of pushing Lanes, defending new players from unfair verbal abuse, supporting my teammates, and preaching my philosophy on killstealing and why it’s utter bollocks, I have discovered a strategy game that has become one of my most frequent games of the past few months, most particularly because I have a close gang of friends who are helping me level up quickly in order to be the fourth member to their ranked team.

My role in this team is usually pushing mid or supporting the ADC (Attack Damage Carrier, essentially the player who deals out the most damage in the team). Since I fill in the Support role, albeit rather recklessly, the changes that are to come will have an affect on how I play, and how my team plays, and how we both will bounce off each other.

I am actually looking quite forward to these changes, and I’m certainly looking forward to my team working together to try out these new changes head on. I’ve got a lot to level, but I have good friends who’re quite encouraging!

Source: Press release.

11/19/2013 02:00PM


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