20th EVE Online Expansion, Rubicon, Out Today
EVE Online

EVE Online is arguably the most popular sci-fi MMO of all time. Now it gets yet another expansion that, according to CCP Games, “sows the seeds of galactic revolution.”

Described in a press release, fans of the hugely popular title can expect no shortage of fast-paced space shooting action with the latest add-on. “In EVE Online: Rubicon, rebellion against empire control is only one of the conflict drivers. Pilots wage guerilla-style warfare against other players, raid their controlled space in new ships meant for both exploration and combat, and erode industrial power from deep behind enemy lines by using mobile, player-owned structures that leech resources and provide tactical support. Rubicon offers much for individual capsuleers and small-sized fleets looking to carve out adventure, profit and infamy within the nearly 8,000 solar systems of the EVE Universe,” it states.

This is the 20th free expansion to the game, originally released in 2003. The series has successfully built a loyal fan base with huge subscription numbers, with it reaching over half a million subscribers this past February.

Andie Nordgren, senior producer of EVE Online, now looks to the future. Nordgren says, “With Rubicon, we’re taking the first, decisive steps towards our vision for EVE Online’s second decade. We are at the beginning of a multi-expansion arc that will forever alter the face of New Eden by offering players more power over the universe than ever before and setting them upon an inevitable path to ascension.”

Source: Press Release

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 11/19/2013

11/19/2013 08:20PM


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