Wing Commander Series Available on GoG

The renowned Wing Commander series is now exclusively available in its entirety over on, the online store that’s famous for its DRM-free downloads.

The original Wing Commander came out back in the 90s, and is said to be one of the most influential franchises in gaming history. I admit to never actually having played any of the games myself, but I did watch the movie adaptation, which was alright. Considering the discounted bundle is going for $23.92 (£14.80) at the moment, it seems like a good opportunity to dig right in to see what this series was all about.

The bundle itself includes all eight games of the Wing Commander series, which are the following:

Wing Commander I+II (with expansions Wing Commander: The Secret Missions, Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2: Crusade, Wing Commander II: Special Operations 1, Wing Commander II: Special Operations 2)

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

Wing Commander V: Prophecy Gold Edition (including Wing Commander: Secret Ops expansion)

Wing Commander: Academy

Wing Commander: Privateer (including Privateer: Righteous Fire expansion)

There will also be additional Wing Commander-themed contests coming from GoG later on in the coming days, but specifics on such contests were not detailed.

The 50% discount itself lasts until Saturday, November 23, 10.59 GMT, and you can find the bundle here!

Source: Press release.

11/22/2013 02:35PM


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