PlayStation 4 Voice Controls Detailed

PlayStation Access recently uploaded a video showing off how to control your PS4 with voice commands. As you would expect, they operate much like the Xbox One's Kinect commands do. However, unlike the Xbox voice commands, the "confirm" command is at the end of the voice phrase not the beginning.

So, for example, when you say "Xbox" to your Xbox One, the Xbox One starts listening to you. When you then say "watch TV" the Xbox One switches to the TV app because you already told it to listen. The PlayStation 4 works in reverse. If you say a game's name, it moves to that game in the home menu but doesn't do anything. To get the PS4 to do anything, you have to say start. Similarly, if you say the phrase "power," it will take you to the power menu but won't do anything. You then have to tell it to turn off your PS4 in order to confirm an action.

The console was slated to release with few voice commands, but what few here are are more than enough to access most of your consoles functions at this point. PS4 voice commands work with the PlayStation Camera, or with the included mono headset that comes with every PS4 console. Similarly, any other audio device that records your voice can be set up to utilize the PS4's voice controls. If you really have to feel like you are in some sort of voice controlled future, give these controls a try. Otherwise, just use your controller.

Source: PlayStation Access

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 11/26/2013

11/26/2013 07:25PM


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