Emulators Reverse Engineer the Wii U Gamepad
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In a presentation during this year’s 30th Computer Chaos Congress, Europe’s largest hacker association (aptly abbreviated to 30c3, because it’s the 30th year the congress has been running, and because the congress itself consists of three “c”s), a group of emulators gave an hour-long talk on their trials and processes on how they managed to get their Wii U gamepad guinea pig to stream games other than Wii U games.

Consisting of technical computer, network and software jargon, as well as diagrams and images, the presentation (which you can sift through yourself here) pretty much walks you through from the start of the group’s journey to the end, describing their problems, their solutions, what they have accomplished, and--ultimately--their rough prototype as a proof of concept. Their key task was finding a way of how the pad could “talk” to a PC wirelessly, which they eventually achieved after some code crunching.

The group’s presentation (before they brought up their “to-do” list and had their Q&A) finished off with a live demonstration of their rigged Wii U pad running The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker via a Dolphin emulator, which was running on the PC that was present during the talk. The emulator was essentially running as a GameCube and it was sending the video data wirelessly to the gamepad, thus proving that streaming games from the PC to the Wii U pad is possible, if a bit fiddly. Despite being in an early state, so much so that one of the presenters coined it as being in Alpha, the emulated Wind Waker seemed to respond quite well to the pad’s controls, when it didn’t crash that is.

The presentation can be viewed in full below, and additional information of the talk can be found on 30c3’s events blog here.

Source: YouTube.

12/30/2013 10:46PM


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