New Deep Down Trailer and Screens Revealed
Deep Down

There’s a new trailer for Deep Down out, with some really sweet screenshots to match too. The trailer itself doesn’t really explain anything, other than some creepy walking manta rays and a chest that’s actually a mimic, but the screenshots are what really catch my interest. The composition, the colour, the tones, the aesthetics--they’re quite pleasing to look at indeed, and they show off the PlayStation 4’s hardware potential capability quite well. Some of the images are displayed below, with the rest of them here. The trailer is displayed further down too.

I remember first watching the teaser trailer for Deep Down back in February last year during Sony's PS4 announcement and feeling genuinely mystified at the setting: classic medieval, with dragons and magic. What blew me away most of all though was just how realistic the fire looked when it was breathed by the dragon. I remember thinking somewhere along the lines of, “that is the most realistic fire I’ve ever seen in any game ever!” Like, it actually looked like fire, with volumetrics and particle effects and stuff like that, not like an orange handkerchief with a makeshift fan blowing underneath it. It wasn’t simply a 2D animation playing its layers or an uncanny valley inferno that looked more like an orange corn field blowing in the wind than looking like actual fire (like the first I’ve experienced in videogames past).

I was honestly looking forward to this game being a sort of Dark Souls-like game--y’know, something different--but Capcom (according to PlayStation Mag) has said that Deep Down will have a slightly Assasin’s Creed-like story to it set in a future New York city, where adventurers apparently use artifacts to travel back in time to battle dragons and creepy walking manta rays, which honestly leaves me a tad bit disappointed. I was anticipating a rather gritty medieval fantasy story, not some adolescents doing some time shenanigans.

I’m being a little harsh on the title, yes, but I’ll give the free-to-play game a chance to win me over!

Source: PlayStation Magazine.

01/02/2014 11:50PM


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