Ultimate Gay Fighter… Yes, It’s a Real Thing
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A new trailer has been released for Ultimate Gay Fighter, a new mobile game created by Handsome Woman. The game, called both “The world’s first ever gay video game… ever” and “a love letter to [the developer’s] gay family” features gay stereotypes fighting against other gay stereotypes and gay basher stereotypes. While the game started as a joke, it continued on as a bit of a statement. While gay characters exist in video games, they are never the heroes. Here is what creator Michael Patrick had to say about the game.

"I started thinking about how gays are represented in the media. We are the sickly ones, your sassy best friends, the funny ones, the ones who sing, and the ones who decorate your house, style your clothes, and do your hair. We are never the kick-ass fighters, the bad-asses who rescue you and save the day. And if we are, we are washed with heterosexual personas and mannerisms."

Ultimate Gay Fighter, on the other hand, portrays the gay community more genuinely. "You can be queeny, you can be butch, or you can be in-between. You can be any or all the bandana colors and the colors in the rainbow flag. But no matter what color, we are fighters. We are warriors. The goal of this game is to enjoy the humor that my gay family brings me. Now go out there, and kick some ass."

Ultimate Gay Fighter will launch this month for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Source: Gamespot

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 01/03/2014

01/03/2014 06:55PM


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