New Mythical Pokémon Diancie Revealed
Pokemon X & Y

Valentine’s Day is over, times were had (either fun or otherwise), and Pokémon X and Y gets a new addition to its Pokédex: the extremely rare mythical pokémon Diancie!

As detailed in a press release that was published on February 14, this new Rock- and Fairy-type pokémon is a special kind of pokémon that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. It's possible it's a sort of Event pokémon. What’s more, this pokémon is said to boast the greatest beauty in the world; Diancie’s glittering pink body is known to capture the hearts of many.

During battle, Diancie can instantaneously produce a large volume of crystalline structures, like diamonds, by compressing the carbon in its surrounding atmosphere. It uses this ability to both attack opponents and defend itself.

Further information on Diancie, as well as information on how players can obtain it, will be detailed at a later date. In the meantime, however, there is a reveal trailer of Diancie available for you to watch below.

02/17/2014 06:42PM


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