Final Fantasy VII Remake Discussed with Game's Director
Final Fantasy VII

Recently, with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII having been released, Eurogamer had a word with Final Fantasy VII director Yoshinori Kitase, who also directed Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger among others, regarding the possibility of a HD remake of Final Fantasy VII, the game that’s considered the best in the Final Fantasy series. As it turns out, Kitase would really want to make an HD remake, but it would require a fair bit for it to happen.

"I can honestly tell you I would love to do that," Kitase told Eurogamer. "If you simply ask me if I personally would like to do that, yes I would. Definitely. There's no lie about it. But you must believe me when I say it would take a lot to happen."

Kitase explained that “staff availability and budget" would be two of three major barricades blocking the project from getting off the ground. The third one would be Kitase’s own personal motivation towards the project, and whether or not he’d go through with an HD remake.

"Even if I casually say I would like to do that, because it would be a huge project I would have to motivate myself to the level that I really am prepared to take on this huge responsibility," Kitase continued.

"I don't know if those three things will happen simultaneously. It has to tick lots of very big boxes. I won't rule out the possibility, but it would take a lot to make it happen.

"But should I ever take it on, it would have to be the biggest project I've done. My life work. So I would have to be as highly motivated as that to end up with something I'm very happy with. It's a huge thing for me."

The HD re-releases that are currently underway under the Final Fantasy bonnet are Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, the Collector’s Edition of which was detailed last year in December. Final Fantasy VII is also available on PC for £9.99, or your regional equivalent.

02/17/2014 10:58PM


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