New Pilot Revealed For Star Wars Rebels

If you thought Twi'leks were only good for severing as lackeys in the royal palace of the Hutts on Tatooine, think again!

We recently got our first look at Hera, a Twi'lek Ghost pilot who will be featured on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels TV series, coming to Disney this fall. She’ll be voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who reveals the excitement surrounding her new role: “Every time we get a script. I am breathless with anticipation. I cannot wait to read what's next because I want to see where we're going, too.”

There is no better insight into a character than its creators, as Joel Aron (who is CG supervisor) talks about how Hera is not just a natural born leader (who makes flying “look easy”), but brings a motherly energy to those in her squad. "…She knows how to talk to them to get the best out of themselves and to be part of that team. That to me is the commander of a ship.” Says Aron.

Star Wars Rebels will first debut as an hour long special, then receive an episodic run (ala the Clone Wars series).

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 02/21/2014

02/21/2014 08:07PM


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