Sonic Boom Developers Talk About Sonic’s New Look
Sonic Boom

Sega of America recently posted a video featuring interviews with the team behind Sonic Boom. They revealed their motivations behind changing the looks of many of the characters, which mainly stem from two things: the Sonic Boom TV Show and the way Sonic Boom will be controlled. 

The game, for example, will be a co-operative game. The team said that they didn’t want people to be disappointed any time they had to play anyone who wasn’t Sonic. They made Amy more confident and less of a hang-on, making her one of the more combat proficient characters. They made Knuckles bigger and stronger to allow him to access areas that Sonic normally couldn’t. Even Tails got a “confidence makeover” focusing on his proficiency with technology.

Most of the decisions in designing the game are being made to keep it in line with the TV show. Everything from setting to character motivation is being developed in line with the series. In this way, Sonic Boom is really more of a licensed property than a true Sonic IP.

For the full interview, head on over to Sega of America’s Youtube Channel.

Source: Sega of America

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Date: 02/26/2014

02/26/2014 08:20PM


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