Heroes of the Storm: Tychus Spotlight Unveiled
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Earlier on today, Blizzard Entertainment released its first Hero spotlight for its upcoming MOBA title Heroes of the Storm, the first of assumably many. This spotlight focuses on Tychus, a character from StarCraft II.

In Heroes of the Storm, Tychus plays the role of an Assassin, and has power armor and a big minigun to boot. As an Assassin, Tychus can dish out a lot of damage, but is also susceptible to a lot of damage. While Tychus’ spotlight page is still incomplete at this point in time, his Abilities and background have been detailed.

His Q, W and E abilities are named Overkill, Frag Grenade and Run and Gun respectively. Tychus’ Overkill is an Ability in which he fires his minigun in a cone directed at his enemies, and can be altered based on his position. His Frag Grenade is an area of effect Ability, and Run and Gun is an Ability in which Tychus charges into battle with his minigun at the ready.

Tychus’ Trait, his passive, is that his minigun takes a while to rev up and fire, but when it does it can deal out a lot of damage. Lastly, his Heroic Abilities, two of which, are Drakken Laser Drill and Commander Odin, which are both his R. The Drakken Laser is a location-based attack, and automatically targets the closest enemy and can be altered to a different target by the player pressing R on a new enemy. Commander Odin is a self-casted Ability, where Tychus calls upon an Odin mech to help him maker a bigger hole in the ground.

Tychus’ spotlight page still has a few more things to be added, such as tips, skins, facts, community creations and related content. No doubt these additions will be included as soon as they arise. Keep track of his spotlight page here.

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