Peter Molyneux Says Indie Popularity is Just a Cycle

Many point to the huge renaissance of great indie games coming to the digital markets of the Xbox and PlayStation as the last real bastion of creativity in our industry. However, one iconic developer doesn’t expect any of it to last much longer.

Peter Molyneux spoke at GDC and explained how the industry is cyclical, citing what is hot right now in small-scale development would once again take a back seat to AAA titles. “What I'd say is, enjoy this time, because it won't last. Don't think we're going to be all indies for the next five years-these things go in cycles, just like in the music business. You have a time where punk is big, and then you have times like now where everything is manufactured. Enjoy this time, because inevitably it will only last a short period.” Molyneux reveals.

While gaining enough traction to ultimately get their little titles off the ground is the goal, Molyneux gives a word of warning to indie game makers who are quick to get in bed with investors. He cautions that backers will often times shout, “…take my money! I want to invest in your company! But what those indie companies don't realize is that they'll then have to have board meetings, and in those meetings they'll be told, 'no, you shouldn't do that-look at this game that's making money.”

So is the indie scene really on its way out? Will we soon see the influx of these games taper off in lieu of more big-budget releases? Tune in tomorrow as I attempt to answer these questions and more.

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 03/25/2014

03/25/2014 07:08PM


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