Digital is the Future According to Microsoft
Xbox One

While it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to measure the current temperature of the market and know demand it shifting toward digital media, Microsoft head Phil Spencer recently doubled down on their intent to push non-physical distribution on their console.

At this year’s GDC, Spencer revealed that not only is allowing us to digitally store titles on the Xbox One a necessity that gamer’s demand, but how we interact with our media (namely in regards to friends and family) is of prime importance as well. “We believe in a digital future on our box. On the digital space, and the things that we've talked about, what that opens we understand what games you own and who you are and how you move around and who you might want to loan rights to your games or gift your games to. We totally believe in that future. And any other marketplace you play in…” he says.

While Microsoft isn’t exactly blazing new trails with its re-dedication to digital content (as a myriad of other streaming services are already leading the pack when it comes to this method of distribution), Spencer assures that they are now 100% committed to making this a focal point of their system moving forward. He touts “We are now fully heads down on thinking about and building out the future of our digital marketplace to enable what people would expect, and hopefully some things that will delight them beyond their expectations.”

Many have speculated how long it will take for developers to do away with physical media all together (even suggesting consoles will soon be a thing of the past). Check back tomorrow as I highlight how this move could be the magic bullet Microsoft needs to finally overtake its rival Sony.

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 03/26/2014

03/26/2014 10:11PM


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