Facebook Announces Plans for the “Facebook Virtual Experience”*

While Facebook will largely allow the Oculus Rift to remain open sourced and available for gaming projects, now that it owns the company, it will also be using it to allow you to check your Facebook in new and interesting ways. Dubbed the “Facebook Virtual Experience”, the new virtual U.I. will allow you to check your Facebook status updates in virtual reality.

The concept is simple. The Facebook Virtual Experience basically generates a simple virtual world for you to roam through. Around this virtual world, are your friends status updates. More relevant status updates will be larger in the world, while friends that you interact with less will be smaller. All you have to do is simply look at the update and you can read it in full, along with watch all videos and view all pictures associated with it.

Most notably, the Facebook Virtual Experience will allow you to respond to status updates in plain English. Using your computer’s mic, you will be able to simply speak a response to any status update you want. Similarly, the Facebook Virtual Experience can read status updates to you, allowing you to easily converse with your Facebook wall. Unfortunately, the virtual experience will be driven by ads, which will also pop up as virtual world objects, though you will be able to turn off the ads by paying a subscription fee of $15.99 a month.

Source: Facebook

04/01/2014 03:40PM


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