League of Legends Champion Receives Character Model Update
League of Legends

League of Legends champion Twitch has undergone a character model update, as detailed on Riot Games’ League of Legends news reel. Due to the champion’s original model design since he was introduced to the game back in 2009, the developer found it limiting to create new and different skins. Instead of finding a way to make the best of the old character model, Twitch has been redesigned from scratch.

After receiving feedback from surveys, both internal and external, Riot Games changed Twitch to both preserve his original appeal of the champion and to give it avenues to really shine. The champion now has new animations and a new voice over that further reinforce Twitches manic personality.

While working on Twitch’s redesign, Riot Games introduced a few “quality of life improvements” to the champion, such as improved graphical effects that’ll better indicate Twitch’s abilities when used on himself and other champions, which are bullet-pointed below.

  • We added a sound effect and puff of poison particles to better indicate the moment when Ambush’s invisibility kicks in. This should better indicate to Twitch players when they’ve turned invisible, particularly when they’re being attacked;
  • We gave Expunge a range indicator, and added a particle linking Twitch with his Expunged victims. This should help players on the opposite team understand why their health just took a nosedive;

  • We added extra particles to Spray and Pray that show who else is being hit by Twitch’s ult. This should help both Twitch and his enemies see where his damage is going.

Riot Games also introduced the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode to League of Legends, which went live on Tuesday, April 1, and will run until April 8. The developer has also implemented the Team Builder queue as a permanent feature.

Source: LeagueOfLegends.com.

04/03/2014 04:03PM


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