Heroes of The Storm Dev Discusses How to Play Effectively
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Heroes of the Storm’s game director Dustin Browder published a post on Wednesday, April 9 about how to effectively use your heroes both in and out of team fights, employing ambush tactics and hero focuses alike across the early, mid and late game.

In the early-game, you have all of your three main abilities unlocked and ready for use, and those abilities can be frequently used thanks to their low mana and energy costs. With this in mind, Browder advises performing a surprise attack on enemy heroes that have particularly low base health by taking advantage of the surrounding terrain to spring up on a lone assailant. Since Warrior heroes can be difficult to kill in two on one fights, due to their many abilities that allow for crowd control, it is advised to wait until their mana is low so they’re more vulnerable and possibly easier to take down.

During the mid-game, when map objectives become more important to the match, your level will probably be around level 10 or 12, and your abilities may play more of a part in serious engagements. Supports become more powerful and Warriors become more difficult to kill during this time. Browder advises for Supports to focus on keeping the Warrior alive from multiple enemies long enough so that they can break up the team fight or are able to regain their health back. What’s more, Supports often have area-of-effect healing abilities or other support abilities, so it is advised for Supports to utilize their abilities to help their entire team in a variety of ways.

By the end-game, probably around level 15 and above, it becomes a critical matter to play the objectives on the map; towns are now so weak compared to an enemy hero’s power that the only way to defend a town is with a hero from your team, and waves of mercenaries and full team fights become the common norm. Since Supports are more effective at supporting and Warriors are more effective at surviving attacks from enemy heroes during this time, it’s advised that you utilize teamwork to overcome enemy formations that are making good use of their respective Warrior and Support heroes.

Heroes of the Storm went live into its Technical Alpha back in early March, which is currently only available to US-based players who are press, community members and friends and family of Blizzard Entertainment employees. An extensive preview on the studio’s current plans for Hero of the Storm’s gameplay, cosmetics, mounts and player progression was revealed a few weeks ago, detailing how you level up your profile and how you can progress in the game’s current state. Two hero spotlight videos are now available for viewing, detailing Tychus from StarCraft II and Tyrael from the Diablo III.

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