You’ll Have to Unlock Destiny’s Multiplayer

In a weird twist, Destiny, the new shooter coming out of Halo creator Bungie, won’t have a multiplayer mode available for a start. Instead, you’ll have to unlock it by playing the single player campaign. Apparently the unlock point comes after “a couple hours” of gameplay, but until then you’ll only be playing by yourself. Afterwards, however, all of your characters will be able to access multiplayer, no matter how long you have played with them.

"We found early on that people here in the studio, when they jumped on the game--these were people who were already really familiar with the game mechanics--they would roll a new character, play through the first mission then go right into PvP, and they would just get really beaten up by the other players because they didn't have a super ability yet and they'd only got an auto rifle from the first mission," Bungie investment lead Tyson Green said.

Note, since Destiny has RPG-like player progression mechanics, you can very easily be outclassed by hopping into PVP quickly. So this is a way to try and moderate the gamer rage that occurs from encountering higher level players.

Source: Eurogamer

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 05/01/2014

05/01/2014 08:02PM


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