PlayStation Now Beta Video Leaked
PlayStation Now

An anonymous reader sent DualShockers a video of Sony’s gaming streaming service PlayStation Now on Sunday, May 4, which showcased a full walkthrough of the services’ current Beta state.

The video demonstrates the services various features, and goes through them one by one. You’re introduced to PlayStation Now’s home menu, shown the games that are currently available on the service, and instructed on how to perform a connection test. The video even shows a couple of games being streamed--specifically Puppeteer and Saints Row: The Third.

With PlayStation Now’s previous updates, the foundations of a rental system have been added to the service, and more games have been introduced to the roster for Beta testers to choose from. Sony’s new line of 4K TVs will also be compatible with PlayStation Now.

Sony distributed a new batch of Beta invites to those who registered to be a tester recently, and it appears that the company is sending the invites out in waves. If you’re interested in taking part in the service’s beta, you can sign up for it over on the official PlayStation Now website.

When PlayStation Now was announced, GameStop’s shares took a knock of almost 9 percent at $43.98 of its shares, and the service itself currently requires a solid 5Mb/s internet connection.

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05/07/2014 09:48PM


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