Activision Explains Reliance on Last-gen Consoles for Destiny's Success

In speaking with Polygon, Activision's CEO Erik Hirshberg took a moment to discuss the publisher’s reliance on last-gen consoles--Xbox 360, PlayStation 3--for Bungie’s upcoming shooter Destiny to succeed.

Because of Activision's massive $500 million investment, and because so many players still play games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the publisher wanted to release Destiny across both current- and last-gen consoles because it believes the game will succeed better that way.

"It's great to see the next gen hardware is off to such a strong start and both the Xbox One and PS4 are well ahead of where their predecessors were at this point … but if you just woke up today and looked at where people are gaming, the majority of people are still on the legacy hardware," Hirshberg explained.

When asked whether or not Destiny would work as an entirely current-gen title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Hirshberg replied with simply saying, “not yet.

"My hunch is most [players] have plans to upgrade when they can to one of the new platforms. But they haven't yet, so you can't ignore the install base that's still playing on the last-gen," he added.

In the same discussion, Hirshberg also revealed that a PC version of Destiny is currently “a heavy point of discussion. While there’s nothing to announce as of yet, at least we know that the idea is under consideration.

[ Polygon ]

06/18/2014 05:15PM


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