Crackdown Series Dropping Naming Conventions

We all know how ridiculous titles can sound when they start getting up into the fourth, fifth and sixth sequels.  However, you’re not going to see this in the Crackdown series anymore.

Ken Lobb (who is head of Microsoft Studios) revealed in a recent interview that the traditional naming conventions that increase numerically each release isn’t something he’s a fan of. Challenging the wisdom of simply slapping another number on the box, he states “I don't like X game number seven. It's a good idea sometimes to have a game with a subtitle. But some games, and Crackdown is a perfect example, is it really 3? It is the future. This is a different place, long after the original game. But is it 2? Is it a different universe than 2? Yeah, it's kind of a sequel to 1. It's Crackdown.”

While Crackdown was hugely popular, the sequel failed to impress. Lobb, however, is willing to take it on the chin (pointing to an over-eagerness as to why the last title fell flat). Calling it his “favorite game of all time,” the Microsoft Boss states he “…absolutely loves Crackdown 1. I just love it. I've known Dave Jones forever. I worked with him when I was at Nintendo. When I first came to Microsoft they'd already signed Crackdown. I was like, perfect, I know Dave. So, we took a while and made Crackdown 1. Crackdown 2 we kinda rushed. Sorry.”

We’ll bring you more on the upcoming Crackdown sequel, which is still being kept under wraps.

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 06/18/2014

06/18/2014 07:36PM


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