Nintendo to Use NFC Capabilities for Purchases

Nintendo has just announced once of the coolest new capabilities for the Wii U, one that we wish every other console had. It utilizes the Wii U Gamepad’s NFC capabilities, but we aren’t talking about Amiibos. We are talking about using NFC for one of the first purposes it was ever designed for: quick purchases.

One of the first implementation of NFC capability put small chips inside credit cards. Instead of swiping the card, you simply tapped it up against an NFC sensor and it took your information and payment. It was an easy way to use credit cards at vending machines or to pay for subway rides. Now, it’s an easy way to pay for your Nintendo game. Just tap your NFC enabled card or phone with your card’s info up against your Gamepad and you are done.

There is only one problem though. Thus far, Nintendo is only implementing this in Japan. Japan has far more access to NFC enabled cards than we do, so it kind of makes sense. However, it would still be nice to see it come here to America. Nintendo hasn’t yet said if they are looking to bring this feature to other territories.

Source: Gamespot

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 07/21/2014

07/21/2014 10:11PM


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