Check out Dragon Age: Inquisition's combat Trailer
Dragon Age: Inquisition

As published via YouTube on Tuesday, July 29, BioWare has released a new trailer that shows off the in-game combat of the upcoming addition to the Dragon Age series, Dragon Ages: Inquisition, which features the game’s real-time action and the tactical camera.

We’ve established that Dragon Age: Inquisition’s executive producer Mark Darrah has proclaimed that the next addition to the Dragon Age franchise will be delayed until later on this year.

Initially intended to release worldwide on Tuesday, October 7, Dragon Age: Inquisition will now release in North America and Europe separately, on Tuesday, November 18 and Friday, November 21 respectively.

No change was mentioned about the game’s release on platforms, so it’ll be safe to assume that Dragon Age: Inquisition will still launch on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

We’ve also established that during a recent interview with the official Dragon Age website, Dragon Age: Inquisition lead writer David Gaider took a moment to talk about his first “fully gay character” Dorian.

You can watch Dragon Age: Inquisition's combat trailer via the embedded video below. We’ll bring you more Dragon Age related news should further information reach our ears.

07/31/2014 09:50PM


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