Super Time Force Ultra Gains Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead Characters
Super Time Force

Now that Super Time Force Ultra is coming to Steam, some Steam icons need to join in the time traveling fun. Three exclusive characters will be joining the time traveling craziness, two from the Team Fortress 2 universe, and one from Left 4 Dead.

The first character to join the force is the Pyro. The pyro will have two weapons, the standard flame thrower, and the flare gun. The flamethrower takes out enemies at close range easily, but only fires directly in front of the Pyro. To get characters above him, or at greater distances, he will have to use the flame thrower, which fires slowly but generates small explosions on hit.

Zoey is the one entrant from Left 4 Dead. Her standard shot is two pistols, which fire at a decent clip. However, she also has access to an unlimited supply of propane tanks. Setting these around levels basically creates explosive traps that can be detonated by shooting them, allowing her to easily clear clumps of enemies.

The final entrant to the battle is Saxton Hale, the rough and tumble arms manufacturer from the Team Fortress-verse. Saxton uses quick melee attacks and appears to be able to punch bullets. Yes, he is that manly.

Stay tuned for our full review of Super Time Force Ultra or STFU in the near future.

Source: Capybara Games

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 08/25/2014

08/25/2014 10:05PM


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