Phil Fish Offers To Sell Polytron and Fez IP to Anyone… ANYONE
Fez 2

Phil Fish has finally been harassed past the breaking point. Hackers, who apparently were not OK with Fish’s decision to cancel Fez 2, compromised Fish’s social security info, passwords, and even Polytron’s Paypal account. Everything Fish has, everything he worked for, even his twitter and social networking pages, were compromised and taken away from him… all over a video game.

Fish’s response. He wants out… and by that he means out permanently. Not only does he not want to make video games anymore, he also wants to sever any ties he has to the industry period. For this reason, he is selling everything he has built up, including Polytron and the Fez IP. Now, if fans want a Fez 2, they can buy his company and make it themselves. 

"I would like to announce that Polytron and the Fez IP are now for sale," Fish said on his Twitter account. "No reasonable offer will be turned down. I am done. I want out. RUN AWAY. Just don't do it. Give up your dreams. They are actually nightmares. Nothing is worth this. To every aspiring game developer out there: Don't. give up. It's not worth it. This is your audience. This is videogames."

Fish’s Twitter account has since been deleted and Polytron’s account has been suspended. The Polytron website is currently down.

I think the gaming community has shattered this guy’s life enough. When we get to exposing bank account information, that’s some seriously screwed up shit. I’m not entirely sure video games are worth flat out ruining a man like this…

Source: Gamespot

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 08/25/2014

08/25/2014 10:12PM


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