Overwatch Tie-Breaker Rules Changing

In a recent update, the way Overwatch resolves tie-breakers has been changed once again. Now the percentage necessary to pull out a clutch win has been increased significantly to make the whole experience more digestible. Originally, a tie-breaker was decided with a final capture point. Whoever got it won. The deadlock led to a percentage-based win, with the winner being decided by whoever had the highest percentage captured at the end.

This led to a new problem, as the winning team would only need a single percent up to snatch that victory. This led to bad mojo over essentially requiring someone on each team to be constantly sitting on a point to win. If you’re into Overwatch, you’ve probably seen someone screaming about their teammates not getting on the point.

In a shooter, you want to shoot, and it’s tough to force your brain to value stepping on a thing over trying to survive a firefight. Blizzard recognized this and boosted the percentage needed to win in Overwatch. Now, the winning team needs a 33% lead to win the tie-breaker.

Blizzard says this will inevitably result in more draws than decisive victories. However, they consider the tradeoff, defending teams having a fighting chance, is worth it in the long-run. I agree with this assessment. When winning a game requires a specific gameplan with no opportunity for deviation, that’s a bad spot for a competitive game to be in.

Source: Blizzard 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 04/20/2017

04/20/2017 03:40PM


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