Nova Sun & Umbra Moon are Nightmare Difficulty Pokemon Games
Pokemon Sun & Moon

In today's awesome news we've got a mod for the two newest Pokemon games! Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon were created by Dio Vento and were meant to be a nightmare difficulty version of Pokemon.

So if you're looking for your Pokemon to be a more intense gaming experience, Nova Sun and Umbra Moon might be perfect for you. The modded versions of the games increase the difficulty curve, use an AI that has competitive strategies built in, and also raises levels for your opponents.

Other additions to the games via the mods include: better items in the shops, all NPCs have better Pokemon (they have better moves, hold items, and are higher levels), eggs hatch faster, there's a perfect Ditto available for breeding, there's a better chance of catching more kinds of Pokemon in the wild, there are easier methods to evolve, and more.

Essentially, Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon are meant to be Dark Souls level difficult. And there are plenty of people out there looking for that experience. If you've been playing Pokemon games since you were a wee thing you probably need a little more oomph in your games.

Source: Kotaku

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 05/19/2017

05/19/2017 07:10PM


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