E3 2017: Nintendo Tries to Explain Metroid Prime 4's Early Reveal
Metroid Prime 4

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One of the most-talked about moments in any of the E3 press conferences this year was also the shortest. The Internet was up in arms the other day when Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4. This is exciting! We love Metroid and we're super amped for a new game! It's gonna be on the Switch, how cool! Wait... There's literally no gameplay or even art in this trailer... And it's in production. What stage of production?!

The Metroid Prime 4 reveal really did leave a lot more questions than answers. Nintendo has since talked with a few different outlets to explain why in the world they announced the game without literally anything to go off of. The reasoning they gave was pretty generic, but it does clue us in on their thinking at least.

According to the Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, they base their announcement decisions on a game by game basis. For titles like Super Mario Odyssey, they wait to make the reveal until further along in development. The reason being that by that point, they'll be able to explain the gameplay mechanics to fans and get them excited about that in particular. But with franchises like Metroid, everyone is constantly looking for a chance to play it again.

For this reason, they decided to let fans know that Metroid Prime 4 is in the works, and they can look forward to more news as the game develops. They essentially wanted to assuage any fears that Metroid might not be getting any new iterations. The title is being developed by a brand new team and is planned to be released “beyond 2017.” So hopefully we get some more news as time goes on!

Source: IGN

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/15/2017

06/15/2017 06:40PM


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