Rockstar Releases Statement on OpenIV Mods
Grand Theft Auto Online

We reported recently on the closure of popular Grand Theft Auto modding tool, OpenIV. It was shut down by Take-Two Interactive with a cease and desist letter. The creators behind OpenIV heeded the letter, rather than taking the time and money to fight with Take-Two in court. The whole of the Internet went up in flames after hearing the news. They cried out to Rockstar to step in or at least give some further explanation.

The developer has now made a statement in an attempt to calm the fires at least a little bit. It would appear their reasoning behind closing down OpenIV was because it was allowing the creation and use of malicious mods. According to Rockstar, there were mods that allowed harassment of players and interference with the Grand Theft Auto Online experience. They expressed concern for the creative modding community, saying they wanted to find a way to continue to support it, but without having a negative impact on the game's players.  

There's no way of knowing how they will exactly manage to do this after shutting down one of the biggest modding tools for their game(s). But here's hoping Rockstar and Take-Two can figure something out that works for everyone.

Source: Escapist Magazine

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/16/2017

06/16/2017 06:10PM


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