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Think back to the old days of MMOs. If you're in your mid to late 2'0s or early 30's, there's one name that should come to the very forefront of your mind. That name is of course, RuneScape. I played the original in the early days of MMOs and enjoyed it, despite it having what would now be considered potato graphics. This version that I so know and love has been referred to as “Old School RuneScape” for quite some time. A newer version of the game exists of course, for those who can't stomach older graphics. But when it comes to mobile devices, people will be able to choose.

The mobile RuneScape will consist of the Old School and more modern versions of the game. The Old School RuneScape will be available this winter, and the regular RuneScape will be on mobile devices in 2018. The coolest thing about this RuneScape? It's cross-platform. So you'll be able to take your journey on the road whenever you'd like and continue it like no time has passed when you return home.

The RuneScape team is asking those interested in the title to register for closed beta access. And if you want to know even more about this mobile RuneScape client, you can watch the official livestream that will be happening on July 19. This informational stream will be starting at noon Pacific Time.

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April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/17/2017

07/17/2017 05:55PM


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