Grand Theft Auto Online's New Update Has Aerial Smuggling
Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has been getting an insane number of updates throughout since it's been released. This most recent one, Smuggler's Run, might have a familiar title, but it's a very different experience. In GTA Online's Smuggler's Run, which releases August 29, you'll be able to fly above Los Santos and Blaine County in all new aerial vehicles. The update adds planes, helicopters, and ultralights to allow you the best chance of transporting your illicit cargo around the game.

Not only will Smuggler's Run allow you to use all new air-based vehicles, you'll also get some crazy huge hangars in which to store them. Charlie is the name of the mechanic who will help you keep all your flying babies in top shape. Not only will you store and maintain your planes, 'copters, and other flying behemoths here, you'll also oversee your smuggling business. The hangar is headquarters for all these efforts, so be prepared to spend a decent amount of time here.

If Smuggler's Run isn't enough for you, never fear. Grand Theft Auto Online will be adding all kinds of new features as we head into the fall and winter months. There will of course be events and applicable items for Halloween and the Holiday season. There's also even more new vehicles coming. A few of the most awesome upcoming additions, however, are some racing circuits that will have you challenging yourself in an entirely new way. These newest racing circuits will take place on land, air, and sea. When you reach certain checkpoints, your vehicle will automatically transform to allow you to continue on water, or by air. Constant adaptation will be key to win these races.

Rockstar wants fans to keep sending feedback about Grand Theft Auto Online. There's a GTA Online Feedback page you can visit here to submit any of your thoughts.

Source: Rockstar

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 08/24/2017

08/24/2017 05:50PM


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