Twitch Streamer Pretends UFC Event Is a Video Game
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As one might expect, Twitch has similar copyright policies as any other streaming platform. This means things like broadcasting Pay-Per-View events independently of the rights owner is a bannable offense. Perhaps through the “magic” of algorithms or simply inattentive moderation, one streamer was able to avoid the Internet Police and stream UFC 218 on his channel. The way he did it will probably make you laugh.

The Twitch streamer, A.J. Lester, runs a relatively small channel called Lester Gaming. He had the UFC event livestreaming in its full glory, with a twist: dude was holding a controller and pretending to play the fights like a video game, taking advantage of the UFC 3 beta testing going on at roughly the same time. Thus, he somehow made it through the event unscathed and went viral soon after.

Of course, we can’t have nice things, and no sooner did Lester find himself a hot new meme, than he was finally handed a 24-hour ban from Twitch. This of course didn’t happen until the video clip of him clacking buttons and reacting as if he was playing a game in a fake commercial about applying for a game testing position made its rounds.

Source: Polygon 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 12/04/2017

12/04/2017 07:30PM


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