Steep Patch Lets People Use In-Game Money for DLC

Today, Ubisoft is releasing a new patch for Steep, the company’s big, online, winter sports-themed project. The update, detailed on the game’s Steam page, adds new features, fixes bugs, and more. Most intriguingly, the previously paid DLC content is now able to be earned for free by paying the currency players can earn in-game.

The DLC is actually a list of sports added to Steep post-launch, including Sledding, Rocket Wingsuit, Speed Riding, and Base Jump. Each of these can now be purchased with Steep Credits. Steep Credits of course can be purchased with real money, but they are also earned in-game through regular play.

In addition to that update and a list of new tricks and physics alterations (particularly to half-pipes and Big Air), Steep's core controls have also been altered. Now rotation is on the left stick, with movement directions being controlled with the right stick. On keyboards, that means rotation is tied to W,A,S,D and movement to the arrow keys.

Source: Steam 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 12/04/2017

12/04/2017 07:50PM


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