Overwatch Returns to Winter Wonderland with Focus on Mei

One of the best things about Overwatch are its special events. Every holiday marks something new and fun for everyone to check out. This year's holiday season brings Return to Winter Wonderland. The Mei-centric event will have everyone in Overwatch enjoying the holidays together. The best way to do that is with event specific game modes. Mei's Snowball Offensive from last year will return, but the newest mode will be Yeti Hunt.

Let's start with a little info on Mei's Snowball Offensive. This year it will be playable on Antarctica and the Black Forest maps within the game. Black Forest has gotten a make-over for the holidays, and Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan says it's some of the best work he's seen from the art team thus far. King's Row and Hanamura will also be decked out with seasonal cheer just like last year.

The other awesome new holiday mode for players to try out is Yeti Hunt. This seems inspired by titles like Friday the 13th: The Game, in that it's a five versus one battle for power. Five Mei(s) will chase after Winston dressed as a Yeti. The Winston player will look for food, which will then trigger a rage mode. Once Winston has entered Primal Rage, the five Meis will have to run away and use ice traps to help their escape. If the Mei(s) manage to take down Winston, they will win. If a certain number of Mei(s) die, then the Winston player will win. It should make for a fun little holiday event for players old and new.

All of these fun and games will start on December 12, including some new skins. Kaplan only named three legendary skins in particular which include one for Hanzo which has supposedly already been revealed in previous comics. Junkrat and Roadhog will also be getting Legendary skins. Check it all out starting December 12!


Source: PlayOverwatch via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/08/2017

12/08/2017 06:40PM


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