The New PUBG Loot Box Drop Rates Are Crazy
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has received a new update to its test server, and part of that update is a new set of boxes for the game’s hybrid paid and free loot system. The system, comprising cosmetic items, sees players purchasing boxes with in-game currency and either opening them for free or paying an additional fee for a key depending on the type of box. As reported by Ars Technica, some of the drop rates on the rarest items are, well, very rare indeed.

Because of both legal regulations in China as well as Apple App Store rules, more and more publishers and/or developers are having to disclose the drop rates for systems such as loot boxes. PUBG is no stranger to this and has published the drop rates on the new Desperado and Biker boxes. In the free Biker boxes, the rarest items have a 0.01 % drop rate. In the Desperado boxes, unlocked with keys costing $2.50 each, the rarest items have a 0.16% drop rate. Compounding the low drop rates is a weekly limit of six boxes a week.

Ars Technica crunched the statistical numbers. Based on those drop rates and the weekly limit, it would take an average of 80 years to get a single one of those rarest items from the Biker boxes, or five years and $1,562.50 for the Desperado boxes. These are averages of course, so it’s entirely possible a theoretical 80-year player could wind up with several rare items or none at all.

Source: Ars Technica 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/10/2018

01/10/2018 05:20PM


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