Destiny 2 Is Restructuring Eververse
Destiny 2

After a lot of controversy in late 2017, Bungie has announced some pretty hefty structural changes for Destiny 2. Bungie has announced the bulk of its plans for the game in 2018, which include a big shift in the Eververse and how players can obtain various rewards.

Bungie’s Christopher Barrett said that the Eververse was never meant to be a replacement for end game content or rewards, and as such the developer is making three major changes. First, Ghosts, Sparrows, and Ships will be added to achievement rewards, previously only available through Bright Engrams. Second, Bungie will “provide a gameplay path” for Bright Engrams and related rewards. Third, Bungie will be adding “more direct purchase options” as well as adjust Bright Engrams to give players more chances to get items they want.

Bungie also plans to bring back Strike Scoring from the first game, as well as adding 6v6 in Crucible, Masterwork equipment and “reevaluating” gear mods. Bungie ends the roadmap with a suggestion that the next expansion may see a delay as the developer takes in player feedback from Curse of Osiris, which was largely poorly received by the community.

Finally, content has been more defined. Expansions will be purchased content and include campaigns, strikes, destinations, destination rewards, Crucible maps, legendaries and exotics, and Raid Lairs. Seasons will be things that are released for everyone and include things like the Iron Banner, seasonal rewards, Faction rallies, endgame playlists, seasonal events, and other updates. Eververse, as mentioned earlier are things earned or purchased.

Source: Bungie 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 01/12/2018

01/12/2018 05:10PM


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