GTA Online Celebrates Valentine's Day 2018
Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is continuing their supreme reign of on-going content. Starting today is the 2018 Valentine's Day event. This brings a brand new car into the game, the return of last year's weapon at a discount, all kinds of discounts on items in-game, and double XP/GTA$ during certain events.

The new car for this year's GTA Online Valentine's Day event is a custom painted Vapid Hustler. It looks pretty sexy, with those flames running down the side, and that classy 20s hot rod bod. You can find it at Legendary Motorsport for $625,000. Last year's Valentine's Day Gusenberg Sweeper is back with a 25% discount. As far as the other lowered prices are concerned, let's take a look at them below.

Dynasty8 Discounts:

  • 25% off: 10-car properties including high-end apartments, stilt houses, and garages
  • 25% off: Executive offices

Clothing/Accessories Discounts:

  • 25% off: Valentine's clothing
  • 25% off: Doomsday Heist tattoos
  • 25% off: Smuggler's Run clothing

Vehicle Discounts:

  • 25% off: Albany Roosevelt (Sports Classic)
  • 25% off: Albany Roosevelt Valor (Sports Classic)
  • 25% off (Becomes available after a round of Deadline): Nagasaki Shotaro (Motorcycle)
  • 25% off (Buy It Now/Trade): Ocelot Stromberg (Sports Classic/Weaponized)
  • 25% off: Nagasaki Buzzard (Attack Helicopter)
  • 35% off (Buy It Now/Trade): HVY Barrage (Military)
  • 35% off: (But It Now/Trade): RCV (Emergency)

There's also a 25% off discount available at Benny's shop for custom upgrades. Executive Assistant Services are also 25% off. Bodyguard and Associates salaries are doubled for the week. For this GTA Online Valentine's Day you'll also get double XP and GTA$ when you're taking part in any of these activities: Till Death Do Us Part, Slasher, Resurrection, Deadline, and Lost vs. Damned.

Will you be enjoying Valentine's Day in GTA Online?

Source: VG247

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 02/13/2018

02/13/2018 06:05PM


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