Call of Duty: WWII Player Earns Highest Rank Without Shooting
Call of Duty: WWII

Part of the appeal of playing Call of Duty games online is level grinding. Playing earns experience points, which translate to higher ranks and expanded gameplay options. Reaching the highest mark is a testament to skill, dedication, and game knowledge. A YouTuber known as TheseKnivesOnly has become the first Call of Duty: WWII player to reach the highest rank without firing a single shot.

The highest rank in the game is Master Prestige, and getting there is an ordeal. To get to Prestige, you have to gain 55 levels. This starts you back at level one. Do this process over and over, and you’ll hit Master Prestige on the eleventh run. Imagine doing this in such an already chaotic environment, and you can probably see why doing it with only knives and melee weapons is such a huge task.

TheseKnivesOnly has made it his mission to do this in every Call of Duty game since Black Ops, noting that his interest in using knives in the game came after witnessing a player use a tomahawk to defend the Bomb Plant site during a WMD match. To achieve the goal in Call of Duty: WWII, TheseKnivesOnly used a combination of bayonet charges, the shovel, ice pick, throwing knives, and the combat knife to get over 32,000 kills. He also never used a lethal scorestreak, sticking to Recon Aircraft and Counter Recon Aircraft.

Source: Kotaku 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 02/13/2018

02/13/2018 01:20PM


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