Rhode Island Bill Proposes Tax on Violent Video Games
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In the aftermath of the recent school shooting in Florida, things have been happening in lawmaking offices. Much of it has been frustratingly stubborn or docile, including a recently introduced bill from a Representative in Rhode Island that once again points to video games. In this case, it’s a tax bump on adult-oriented games that likely won’t go anywhere, but serves as an example of what may be introduced in other states in the coming weeks and months.

The bill doesn’t try to restrict or stop sales of M-rated games, but it does aim to add additional fees to anyone purchasing a game of that rating or higher. It’s a ten-percent tax increase added to the sales tax, in fact. According to Representative Robert Nardolillo II (R-Coventry), the money from the sales tax increase would then be funneled into mental health programs at local schools. The money would go to a special account accessible by the school districts, and would be used for counseling and other initiatives meant to address the matter of violence in schools.

Source: Providence Journal 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 02/23/2018

02/23/2018 04:40PM


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