EVE Online Memorializes Stephen Hawking
EVE Online

As everyone well knows, famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76 recently. The world over has been mourning his passing, and the video game community is no different. Some EVE Online players in particular have staged a beautiful memorial for Hawking.

The EVE Online jump bridges all have beacons attached to them. These light up in order to indicate that someone is going to be using it. Normally this is a tense moment, because you never know if it will be friend or foe entering from the jump bridge. Thus it feels even more meaningful that these beacons were used in the memorial for Hawking. Rather than being a sign of violence and danger, they were a sign of a community coming together to remember someone that meant a lot to them and the world as a whole.

Many of the cynosural beacons atop the jump bridges were lit by active pilots. The combination of lights from all the different beacons can be seen above. They all together made for an awe-inspiring, beautiful display in EVE Online. You'll notice that the lights are all different sizes. The larger and brighter the light, the more players there were at that specific beacon. That is a lot of people working all at once to do something great.

We all mourn in different ways, but in creating something wonderful, the EVE Online players have memorialized Stephen Hawking in the best way they could think of.

Source: IGN

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 03/16/2018

03/16/2018 02:30PM


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