Riot, Blizzard, and Twitch Team Up to Fight Toxic Behavior
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Over 30 different game companies, not limited to, but including the likes of Epic, Riot, Blizzard, Twitch, and CCP, have banned together and formed the Fair Play Alliance. This is an organization that plans to pool resources, such as research and experience, to put the fight to “disruptive behavior.” The goal is not only to understand the issue of behavior in games, but also create a cross-company standard for how to deal with toxic behavior online.

Many of these companies have introduced, reformed, and altered their harassment and punishment policies over and over again, as the online world has changed, evolved and grown over the years. From harassment, DDoS attacks, and actions like swatting, the lengths people will go to cause harm over the Internet are, frankly, too much for companies to start over each time a big, new game comes out.

And that’s what the Fair Play Alliance is for. During GDC 2018, a day-long summit was held and hosted by the organization. Riot’s Kimberly Voll held a keynote, and several people from companies like Activision, Epic, Supercell, and more participated in discussions about research, challenges, mistakes, and more.

For now, the meetings and discussions are the plan, but a website is up, with further work will be planned and discussed going forward.

Source: Kotaku 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/22/2018

03/22/2018 05:10PM


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