Valve Announces SteamVR Input
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Today, Valve has released an initial Beta version of SteamVR Input. This is a new system that lets players set configuration settings for the many different controllers supported by SteamVR.

Not only are the controls in this new system customizable, but the configurations are sharable. That means if someone is tailoring their setup to, for example, work around a disability or even something like being left-handed, they can save and toss the config into the Steam Workshop for others to use and benefit from. This will also let people use controllers for games that perhaps didn’t exist when said game was new.

Aside from the users’ quality of life, SteamVR Input is also intended to make life easier for devs. If devs opt to use SteamVR Input, they can set defaults for all the supported controllers, create alternatives, and even allow more control over the button UI in-game.

Valve also says that support is native to SteamVR, so games will support it by default even if the devs haven’t accounted for it on their end.

Source: Valve 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 05/15/2018

05/15/2018 01:20PM


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