The Culling 2 Is Dead
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The launch for Xaviant’s The Culling 2 was, unfortunately, received poorly. It was received so poorly, in fact, that it landed with virtually no impact. The first game’s fanbase appeared to immediately reject it. At one point, within the game’s first week, only two players were playing it at all on Steam. That was the lowest point, but the peaks weren’t significantly higher. Xaviant acknowledged the situation, and now a more formal announcement has come from the company.

In a YouTube video titled, “A Message from Xaviant,” the company’s Director of Operations Josh Van Veld offered official word on The Culling 2's status. (It is dead.) He talked about the team’s feelings regarding the game, made some apologies to the fanbase, and offered a few announcements pertaining to the future of the series.

The company is giving up on The Culling 2. It will be removed from all storefronts and refunds will be issued. In its place, Xaviant will be re-launching the original The Culling, in a literal sense. The day-one build will be released as a free to play title.

From there, The Culling will go back into development, as the team now wants to work on the game it feels the fanbase originally responded to. Xaviant's team feels it focused too much on making changes, rather than cultivating what was originally well-received.

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Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 07/19/2018

07/19/2018 11:30AM


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