Riot Responds to Work Environment Allegations
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One of the biggest stories in gaming has been a huge report from Kotaku, which was built up over six months and with nearly 28 different sources. The article was all about not only allegations of sexual harassment throughout Riot Games, but also sexual discrimination.  In addition to the investigation's sources, many ex and current Riot employees took to social media after the report to comment on it, many confirming the story. In a big post on Reddit, Riot, which is the developer of popular MOBA title League of Legends, commented on the matter.

The statement came from Riot’s Corporate Communications Lead, Joe Hixson. Hixson said that Riot has been in talks with the writer of the piece, Cecilia D'Anastasio, but the article doesn’t include the entire statement. So, Hixson opted to post the entire thing in a public space.

The Riot Games statement highlights what are supposedly the policies and culture at Riot, although much of it is contradicted by the content in the original Kotaku report. However, the statement also speaks to initiative the company has made, such as the launching of its Diversity and Inclusion department in 2015.

While there’s no reason not to believe the problems in the piece happened and are happening, there are also people in the company ostensibly working to make it better.

Source: Reddit 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/08/2018

08/08/2018 12:25PM


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