GOG Announces the FCK DRM Initiative
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Ever since GOG launched, CD Projekt RED’s policy has been to release its games without DRM, or various forms of copyright protection. This allows users to keep a game’s local files on their computers and run the games without having to check in with the GOG client itself or be connected to the Internet. But now this policy is evolving.

GOG states in its announcement that things have changed quite a bit in the world of DRM since the service launched in 2008, and that the feeling there is that not only has DRM still remained an issue, many people are having trouble understanding what DRM even is. So GOG has announced the FCK DRM Initiative.

The goal here is to educate people on DRM, how it affects the average user, and how that extends to mediums outside of video games. Right now, if you go to the FCK DRM website, you can view statements from people in the industry on DRM, learn about it, and find links to services that sell media without DRM.

Source: GOG FCK DRM 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 08/21/2018

08/21/2018 01:10PM


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