DICE Pulling Back on Battlefield V Customization Options
Battlefield V

During a September 2018 livestream, DICE, developer of Battlefield V, made an announcement that might help placate some of the fans concerned about the game’s customization options. One of the producers working on the game, Andrew Gulotta, said that things are being dialed back a notch for the sake of authenticity, but that some of the wackier options could come back depending on how fans continue to respond to the game.

Back when Battlefield V was announced, the response was all over the place, due to an introductory trailer that was not only high on action, but also much more visually colorful than one would expect from a serious game set in World War II. While the game’s campaign will be rooted in history still, the multiplayer mode will have an element of customization. This includes avatars wearing all kinds of things that would be hard to picture being seen in the trenches of World War II.

Other sore subjects for the Battlefield V community have been the large presence of women in the game, particularly in its marketing, its story content, and its box art. DICE has more aggressively pushed back against those criticisms, which probably weren’t in good faith in the first place.

Source: Gaming Bolt 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 09/14/2018

09/14/2018 01:50PM
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