Age Restrictions for the Xbox 360 in Light of Hot Coffee

After the whole Hot Coffee craze, Microsoft has announced modifications to the Xbox 360. That’s right kids, no more sneaking around with those M games. Now, parents can pre-program their children’s ages into the console and software that has an age restriction cannot be viewed by kids who aren’t old enough to view it. The age restrictions will be as follows: all ages, age twelve and up, age fifteen and up, and age eighteen and up. The categories will be classified by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization.

Restrictions are also being worked on for other consoles in the United States, Japan, and Europe after GTA: SA was deemed a "harmful product" and brought light to other possible harmful products for children. You can expect more restrictions as the Rockstar fiasco continues to unfold. Keep posted by checking back here.

by lindsay
07/21/2005 06:44AM
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